3rd Shooting Championships of SEP

It was the first appearance of our shooting team at this event. Our team comprised of the following members: Andrzej Sznura, Michał Walaszek and Tomasz Kucharski. SEP  (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers) Championships attracted shooting teams from all over Poland. Four competitions in sports and hunting included:

Teams (each member took part):
1.        Sport pistol Psp, 25m, standing, 10 shots.
2.        Pistol (centre-fire percussion) Pcz, 25m, standing, 10 shots.
3.        Rifle (centre-fire percussion) Kcz, 100m, 5 shots lying down, 5 shots kneeling.
4a. Sport rifle (rimfire percussion) Ksp, 50m, lying down, 10 shots (T. Kucharski).
4b. Rifle (centre-fire percussion) DZIK, 50m, standing and shooting to a boar shooting target, 5 shots (M. Walaszek).
4c. Shotgun, standing and shooting to “darts” released from a trap, 5 shots (A. Sznura).
EPK Team scored 6th place in the championships.