6th Polish Football Championships of the Energy In

The next edition of Polish Football Championships of the Energy Industry, organized by Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environment Protection, was also attended by Polish Chamber of Steelwork.

On 30 May 2015, at the football hall at Ks. Bolesław Street in Warsaw, it was the team of Skanska S.A. which turned out to be the best. The second place was occupied by the team of PIKS. On the lowest step of the podium stood the team of PGNiG Termika.

EPK Team composed of: Darek Będkowski, Rafał Braksator, Bartłomiej Geisler, Tomasz Jasnos, Łukasz Kaleta, Patryk Kania, Tomasz Piwowar, Kamil Sobieraj, Bartek Suwała, Michał Szubert, Gniewosz Widuch, Marcin Wolniaczyk; scored 7th place.

During the tournament, all players had a bar at their disposal where the organizer had prepared a barbecue and cold drinks for the participants.