Changes to the management board at EPK

On 16th of May 2016 Mr. Andrzej Kowalski resigned as President of the Company.  Mr. Łukasz Grela, a member of the Board, has assumed the position of President. Mr. Michał Woźniczka will become the Board’s Vice President. The Management Board will be composed of two members.

On 16th of May 2016, the Supervisory Board of ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE, a joint stock company,  has accepted the resignation of the President of the Board, Mr. Andrzej Kowalski, who had occupied this position continuously for the last 23 years and served as CEO for the past 26 years.

President Kowalski’s decision has been dictated by health reasons. However, Andrzej Kowalski is not stepping down from all his business interests. He will contunue to cooperate with EPK, supporting next generations with his many years of experience.

The new Board will be composed of two members. Both the new President and Vice President were members of the previous Board.


Łukasz Grela

Mr. Łukasz Grela graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology. He also completed the Executive MBA course at WSB University in Poznań in cooperation with Helsinki School of Economics. Mr. Grela has extensive experience in the energy sector, gained alongside the best professionals. Due to the occupied position, the essential part of his professional activities is focused on the organization of processes occuring in EPK and the development and implementation of the Company’s strategy. Vast knowledge, analytical mind and extraordinary appreciation for another person help him find solutions to the most difficult situations, both in professional and private lives. He never refuses to help his employees. Mr. Grela contributed to the transformation of ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE SA into one of the state-of-the-art engineering companies, currently employing over five hundred people. Mr. Grela’s another great success is his family which is a source of satisfaction and constitutes an oasis of peace, security and relaxation. During his limited free time, Mr. Grela likes to ski and play tennis.


Michał Woźniczka

Mr. Michał Woźniczka graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology, as well as from the Warsaw School of Economics; he completed the Executive MBA course with honours of Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development, University of Gdańsk and Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has been associated with EPK since 1994. For eleven years he had managed the civil engineering department; he is a co-author of a number of conctruction projects of key units in Polish energy sector. In 2012 Mr. Woźniczka was appointed Production Director and since two years he has also been a member of the Board. Mr. Michał Woźniczka is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology. Unceasing desire to upgrade and develop his skills makes him a modern manager who is able to inspire the team to act. Mr. Woźniczka stands up for innovation. His global vision and extraordinary commitment contributed to the dynamic development of our Company in recent years.

Privately, Mr. Woźniczka enjoys spending time with his family: wife and sons with whom he shares common passions. He tends to look for solutions to the most difficult problems while running.