EPK among „Wings of Business” Laureates

There has just finished fourth edition of national ranking of small and medium enterprises “Wings of Business”. Our Company is among Silesian prizewinners.
The ranking was organized by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” under the auspices of Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.
The ranking endures for 6 months – from the mid-June until November – and comprises a number of regional conferences which bring the opportunity to award diplomas to remarkable companies of each voivodeship, such as „Energoprojekt-Katowice” honoured during the conference held in Katowice. Dun&Bradstreet, a credit reference agency, has chosen winners from 20 thousand companies, taking into account such indicators, as, among others, cooperation risk assessment and sales growth rate for period 2010/2011.

“Wings of Business” is an objective, based on developed by Dun&Bradstreet methodology ranking, which goal is to identify and distinguish these companies, which can be believed to survive even in most difficult and extremely unfovourable economic circumstances, still remaining credible contract partners.
Final Gala of “Wings of Business” was held in Warsaw on 5th of December.