EPK awarded the Silver Laurel of Innovation 2013

On November 26, 2013 in the Warsaw NOT House the ceremonial Gala summarized this year's third edition of the Competition of Engineering Associations of the Chief Technical Organization – Stanisław Staszic Laurel of Innovation. Among the winners was our Company.
The Competition "Laurel of Innovation" is organized for companies which have successfully implemented the best ideas, solutions and innovations, which provided them with economic success. The recognition received by the Competition in the economic environment is best evidenced by the fact that in its first edition the Laurels were awarded only to three winners. In this year's edition, the Competition Jury received dozens of entries. The titles of the winners were awarded in 12 categories.

The guests of the ceremony were, among others: Representative of the Office of the President of Poland Grzegorz Kozyra, president of the Polish Patent Office Alicja Adamczak, President of FSNT NOT Ewa Mańkiewicz - Cudny, Secretary General of FSNT NOT Jacek Kubielski, Deputy Director at Department of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Michał Kołodziejski, representative of the European Federation of Engineering Associations Rafael Delimata, Director of the Office of European Funds and Development of the City of Warsaw Maciej Fijałkowski, Chairman of the Metropolitan Council of NOT and also the chairman of the Competition "Laurel of Innovation" Chapter Eugeniusz Budny, President of the Warsaw NOT House Jerzy Rożek and chairman of the Department of Technical Services RS NOT Ryszard Marcińczak.
The Gala was conducted by Laura Łącz, who after greeting the guests asked President of FSNT NOT Ewa Mańkiewicz - Cudny to take the floor. The President presented the idea of the competition and the need for innovation, promoted by FSNT NOT.
The Jury of the 3rd edition of "Laurel of Innovation" Competition for the best innovative products, after the analysis and consideration of proposals awarded prizes in the form of statuettes in the following categories: Construction, structures, safety and firefighting; Ecology, geodesy, water management; Energy, electrical engineering; Mining and metallurgy; Computer science, telecommunications, electronics, automation, nanotechnologies; Materials engineering; Mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment; Medical engineering, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry; Food industry, agriculture, horticulture, forestry; Transport, communication; Textiles, papermaking and packaging  and Innovations for socio-economic development.
EPK was awarded the Silver Laurel for the project “Method for reconstruction of power plants, especially plants with units with ca. 200MWe and 360MWe capacity to high efficiency power plants”.