EPK – laureate of the „Well-Perceived Company” con

The final of the "Well-Perceived Company" contest was held in Lubomirski Palace in Warsaw. The ceremony was attended by the laureates, the president of BCC - Marek Goliszewski, Paweł Łukasiak - the chairman of the Committee and president of the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, Father Andrzej Sikorski - a member of the Committee and president of "Być Bardziej" Foundation. The event was hosted by ed. Wojciech Szeląg.

The aim of the contest is to promote companies which run socially responsible business and to share knowledge about corporate social responsibility and effective methods of informing of the company's social activity.

Once the diplomas had been awarded, the laureates participated in a panel discussion entitled "The commitment of companies to the environment - local perspective and recommendations for other companies." In the discussion, it was pointed out that CSR does not equal PR. For most participants, corporate social responsibility is part of their everyday working life - standing for the employees, the environment, the needy.

For years, Corporate Social Responsibility has also been an integral part of our Office's life and it is for the third time that we have been awarded the title of the "Well-Perceived Company". The award was received by Wojciech Grzesiuk.