EPK won Tekla Bim Award 2014!

The First Place in the Tekla BIM Awards 2014 Competition in the Steel Models Category for the CCGT Włocławek Model of Our Office!

The subject of the awarded study is a detailed design of the main building complex facilities of the condensing power plant with a 460 MW gas and steam unit in Włocławek.

The main building consists of, as follows:

  • waste heat boiler house with a stack,
  • feed water system bay,
  • auxiliary boiler room,
  • electrical switching station building with a unit control room,
  • gas turbine and steam turbine engine room building,
  • numerous smaller auxiliary buildings, foundations, tanks, trestle bridges, etc.

A building, which is as important as the waste heat boiler house, is a gas and steam turbine engine room building – a building that is complex both technologically and in terms of design.

The engine house is a large object with an irregular shape, with the additional bays, closely associated with the process, with dimensions in plan of about 65 m x 65 m and a height of about 23 m. Inside the building, under which a foundation block was designed, there are the (gas and steam) turbines. The building contains also two large repair charging cranes.

The building was designed as a steel, post and beam construction, with lattice web girders, crane beams, numerous service platforms, rooms (including electrical switchgear room, compressor room, etc.), the device foundations, the reinforced concrete chambers, and the complex supporting structures of the process devices.

Today, the building is at an advanced stage of construction – the major steel structures, foundations, floors, roof decking along with a covering, wall envelopes have been made. The process devices are still installed.

Location: Włocławek