Positively Perceived Company

The gala final of the 4th edition of the “Firma Dobrze Widziana” (“Positively Perceived Company”) competition was held on 19 November this year in the Warsaw’s premises of the Business Centre Club. During the ceremony, a list of 29 winners in the following categories: social engagement, ecology, market and workplaces, strategy and communication was announced and special diplomas were presented. Our Office received the “Firma Dobrze Widziana” title in the category: Social Engagement.

The ceremony, in addition to the winners, was attended by the Chapter members, representatives of the competition patrons, the Chancellors of the award-winning company region and the invited journalists and persons associated with the CSR idea.

The persons who hosted the celebration and presented the awards were: Marek Goliszewski – BCC President, Paweł Łukasiak – chairman of the Chapter, president of the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, Rev. Andrzej Sikorski – a member of the Chapter, president of the Foundation “Być Bardziej” (“Be More”). The ceremony was conducted by Paweł Oksanowicz, a member of the Chapter.

– Today Poland, Europe and the world are looking for solutions to tackle the crisis – said the president Marek Goliszewski. – Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote in the “Caritas in Veritate” Encyclical about the contradiction between democracy and capitalism, where equality and competition stand on opposite sides. However, one should pay attention to the category of profit, because it is useful if it serves the common good. Many of the richest countries in the world have understood it, assigning enormous funds on providing assistance for the most needy. This is how the idea of corporate social responsibility was born, which combines democracy with capitalism. We endeavour to implement CRS in Poland, as well. And an entirely unexpected phenomenon occurred. At the beginning it served to calm consciences of the wealthy of this world, but later it turned out that CSR generates quite real profits. The support provided by the companies has been well received by the market, customers “perceive it positively” and therefore they prefer to choose products and services from the companies that are socially engaged and such companies enjoy larger consumer confidence. A profit is generally known to be a function of confidence. In this way, the corporate social responsibility can be one of the ways to overcome the crisis. I congratulate all of you that you engage in CSR. Your attitude is a way to tackle the challenges of our times.

After the awards presentation, a panel part of the ceremony began. The first panel was attended by the representatives of the companies awarded in the social engagement category. Ms Aneta Schubert took part in this panel – Our Office has a long history in supporting the Care and Educational Centre “Bezpieczny Dom” (“Safe House”). We support “our kids” giving them what they actually need most at a given moment. Sometimes these are tickets for the swimming pool, fruit, and sometimes medication, or a playground, and sometimes ordinary assistance with the homework. We help, because good does good, and every impulse of kindness – returns. It applies also to business.

The second panel was preceded by the speech of Paweł Łukasiak. He congratulated and thanked the award winners. He also pointed out to the need to build competitive advantage of a company by talking about it both inside and outside. Because the days when a nice corporate identity was enough are gone. Nowadays, a company should also be “well heard”. He also stressed the importance of volunteering, which is not only a wonderful, but also a needed thing.

The participants of the second panel, representatives of companies awarded in the category of ecology, talked about environmental standards used in their companies, as well as of the relations between the company and their customers and the environmental education.

The next speaker was Rev. Andrzej Sikorski, who congratulated the award winners and wished them very fruitful efforts in gaining the confidence and he asked them to treat a man as the most important person in these activities, what was said by both John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The third panel was attended by the representatives of companies awarded in the category of the market and the workplace. They discussed the sensitive fields of CSR, which include relations with employees. The last, fourth panel was devoted to the strategy and communication. Representatives of the companies awarded in this category, talked inter alia about how hard is to reach the media with information about the CSR activities, since this is often treated as typical marketing activity.

The competition is a continuation of the idea implemented in 2009-2011 under the project named “CSR – as a Tool to Build a Positive Corporate Image” and “Positively Perceived Company”.

The aim of the competition is to promote companies that do business in accordance with the principles of the corporate social responsibility and raise awareness of corporate social responsibility and effective methods to communicate company’s social activities.