As one of the largest designing and engineering companies with an established position in the energy sector, we provide comprehensive services in the scope of designing power plants, combined heat and power generating plants, and heating plants for commercial, industrial, and municipal power industry.
The scope of our services includes the development of multi-branch technical documentation at all phases of implementation, from concept through basic engineering, building design, to obtaining a building permit, detailed designs, and as-built documentation.

  • BASIC ENGINEERING, BUILDING AND DETAILED DESIGNS: technical documentation of buildings and structures, documentation of process systems, designs of power supply, protections, control and automation of technological processes, designs of construction site temporary plants and facilities, and technology of construction and assembly works, determination of expenditures on tangible assets (materials, labour, equipment, and personnel), designs required to obtain building permits.
  • PRELIMINARY AND LOCATION STUDIES: taking into account local conditions, environmental requirements, conditions of railway transport, industrial water supply, waste disposal, power supply, etc.
  • SPATIAL AND PROGRAMME STUDIES: spatial developmental plans, technical condition analyses of equipment, systems, buildings, and structures following long-term operation – assessment of their life.
  • TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC ANALYSES: economic and cost analyses and valuations of investment outlays, variant analyses of selecting equipment and whole process plants and systems.
  • PRE-PRIVATISATION ANALYSES: reports, recovery programs, assessments, market research.
  • TENDER SPECIFICATIONS, OPINIONS, AND BID EVALUATION: organisation of public tenders, requests for proposals for the supply of equipment and process plants and systems, and work performance.