In the first days of February, TD Energo from Krakow joined the EPK Group.

In this way, the EPK Group has been enriched by some of the best experts in transmission and distribution networks in the country. Thanks to this, the EPK Group is ready to offer its customers comprehensive engineering services related to the generation of electricity in conventional and RES sources, transmission and distribution, hydrotechnics and environmental protection. We can generate energy from any source, send it and store it!

TD Energo employs designers with extensive professional experience gained during many years of work at ENERGOPROJEKT-KRAKÓW SA. The company provides engineering services in the field of: linear profiles, construction of columns and foundations, structural calculations of station buildings, structures for apparatus at stations, a full range of documentation of primary and secondary circuits for power stations. A competent team of experts has extensive references and many years of experience in designing on the Polish and foreign markets.

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