Our values

In the first place

  • comfortable and safe workplace; friendly atmosphere;
  • commitment, communication and cooperation, honest and full exchange of information, mutual respect;
  • equal opportunities for employment, promotion, development and improvement;
  • care for common material goods and cost optimization;

First of all

  • Shareholders - open information policy and acting in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association;
  • Customers - emphasis on high-quality services, satisfaction and strengthening of customer confidence in EPK;
  • Business partners - transparent relations based on respect, honesty and professionalism;
  • Competition - compliance with the principles of fair competition;
  • Local community - support and commitment to the interests of the community, building lasting relationships;
  • Ecology - responsibility for the natural environment.

Above all
quality and development

We provide services with commitment, taking care to provide high quality, we meet all obligations given to the client. We are looking for new development opportunities, striving for a constant growth of the Company's value as well as ensuring security and financial stability.

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Poland, 40-159 Katowice
15th Jesionowa Str.

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