Cooperation with Bechtel Poland on the Poland AP1000 project

EPK started cooperation with Bechtel Polska on the Poland AP1000 Project.

Our first orders from Bechtel includes support and consultations in the field of Polish codes and standards applicable for the work of the Steam Turbine Generator Island and Balance of Plant, as well as permitting consultancy.

Bechtel Polska and Westinghouse are the Consortium Members contracted to: Design, Procure, and Construct three new Westinghouse AP1000® units for the customer Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe (PEJ). The three new Westinghouse AP1000®’s will be constructed in Choczewo, Poland at our Lubiatowo-Kopalino project site. The Consortium Team is current in the ESC (Engineering Service Contact) Phase. The ESC Phase will last approximately 18 months before transitioning to an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Phase.


Poland AP1000® Nuclear Power Plant | Bechtel

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