IV RAFAKO Half-marathon Racibórz

On August 26, 2018, the 4th RAFAKO Half Marathon in Racibórz took place. Before the main run there was a Mini RAFAKO charity run, the proceeds of which were intended for the treatment and rehabilitation of Natalka,

a girl with quadruple cerebral palsy. At the start of the half marathon, under which also the Polish Power Industry Championships were held, over 700 competitors appeared. EPK was represented by: Łukasz Grela, Ewa Lampa, Franciszek Marek, Aneta Szubert, Mariusz Tomczak and Michał Woźniczka.

In spite of rainy aura 30 people took part in the charity run for 2.1 km. In addition to running and marching with poles, the girl was accompanied by an escort of riders from the RAFAKO Orbea MTB Team. The wheelchair itself was pushed by Ewa Bugdoł, one of the best Polish triathlonists on long distances. Among the runners there was also a double European Champion at 400 m and in the relay 4x400 m Justyna Święty.
More than 700 competitors appeared at the start of the main race. Despite the rain, the athletes ran brilliantly, and many of them beat their life records. The first finish line was crossed by Kenyan - Rop Abel Kibet, among women Aleksandra Brzezińska triumphed.
As part of the RAFAKO Raciborz Half-marathon, the Polish Power Engineering Championships were also held. The best power engineering team turned out to be the runners representing the Phoenix Association (Stowarzyszenie Feniks) at the Opole Power Plant. The best among the ladies was Zuzanna Fijałkowska from ELSTA Wieliczka before Anna Drzyzga-Błaszczyk from Tauron Team and Dagmara Pyż from Geotermia Podhalańska and Ewa Lampa. Among the gentlemen under 45, Paweł Ruszała from the Phoenix Association at the Opole Power Plant before Przemysław Koziarz from Tauron and Dariusz Firlej from Ensol triumphed. In the category of men over 45, the best was Jerzy Siemaszko representing ECO Opole in before Mariusz Rębisz from the company Ensol and Andrzej Grzesik from Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. JB Energetyka. In total, nearly 70 competitors participated in the Power Engineering Championships.
The best EPK contestant turned out to be Mariusz Tomczak. Congratulations!

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