Industrial Power Generating Units Conference

The main topic of the conference organised by BMP was a new 463 MW CCGT unit in Włocławek, owned by PKN ORLEN. The Company played the role of Honorary Host.

The topic of the conference was introduced by Prof. Krzysztof Badyda from Warsaw University of Technology, who spoke about the current demand for energy, about the existing reserves and about the forecasts of demand in the face of the ageing professional power industry. Krzysztof Witkowski, Director of the Energy Assets Management Office at PKN ORLEN, discussed the technological scheme of the Włocławek gas and steam system. He also presented a film showing the long journey of the GE turbine from its factory in France to Włocławek, together with the use of a special construction that allowed the turbine to be precisely mounted on its foundations. This speech was complemented by a presentation by Paweł Vogtt, Director from the Energy Efficiency Balancing Office of PKN ORLEN, who presented, among others, the current situation and plans of the Group in the field of power engineering. One of the items on the agenda was a panel dedicated to the experience of selected industrial plants in using their own sources. Zbigniew Wadach from Grupa Azoty talked about recent modernizations related to, among others, adapting the GA energy sector to new environmental requirements; he also mentioned planned investments, including the unit in Puławy. The topic was continued by Robert Hardejewski from GA Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn, who shared his experience in the annual operation of the new boiler and turbine discharge/condensation unit operating at the plant in Kędzierzyn. The programme also featured speeches by companies providing power engineering services. Our office was represented by Rafał Szubert.

The "content-related" day ended with a debate moderated by Prof. Krzysztof Badyda, during which the participants (Krzysztof Witkowski - PKN ORLEN S.A., Rafał Kaczmarzyk - Synthos S.A., Aneta Muskała - International Paper Kwidzyn Sp. z o.o., Waldemar Szulc - Economic Society of Polish Power Plants, George Holoyda - General Electric Global Services GmbH Sp. z o. o., Marcin Chomiuk - law firm JARA DRAPAŁA & PARTNERS) discussed, among others, opportunities and threats for the development of industrial power engineering, benefits from owning a source and the problem of choosing fuel for a new unit.

On the second day of the conference, the CHP plant was visited during a technical trip.

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