The Nowa Energia publishing house has organized the 5th Conference under the title "Cogeneration - technologies, investment implementation, financing",

which took place on April 10-11, 2018 in Chorzów. EPK was represented by Maciej Wesołowski. The conference was moderated by Professor Eng. Wojciech Nowak, director of the Energy Center at AGH.

The aim of the conference was to discuss and provide practical knowledge in the field of:

- Long-term energy strategy of Europe and Poland - the future of cogeneration in Poland,

- Transition from fossil to renewable fuels in the realities of Poland,

- Examples of innovative cogeneration and trigeneration solutions in low emission technologies ... can we consider the present time a new revolution in the Polish energy sector?

- Purposefulness of modernization of generation and heat sources; sources of financing and purposefulness of modernization activities in the energy sector in the area of ??improving energy efficiency,

- Alternatives to coal; can coal combustion be ecological; if so then how to reduce low emissions in the new heating model?

- Micro-cogeneration in distributed energy.

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