Implementation of an innovative research project

Atende Industries, “Energoprojekt-Katowice" SA and PEC in Końskie have signed a contract with the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of an innovative research project as a part of the competition named "Heat and power plant in the local energy system".

A consortium consisting of Atende Industries, Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej (Heat and Power Distribution Company) in Końskie and "ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE" SA signed a contract with NCBiR for the implementation of an innovative research project as a part of the competition named "Heat and power plant in the local energy system". Within the first stage of the competition, the Consortium will receive funding for the construction of an optimal model of a heat and power system that will provide consumers with heat and electricity generated from renewable sources in at least 80%, carrying out numerical and economic analyzes for the developed model, preparing algorithms for an intelligent energy production management system, and the development of a feasibility study. In the second stage of the competition, it will be possible to obtain financing in the amount of PLN 41.5 million for the implementation of the project, i.e. construction of a replicable technology demonstrator at PEC in Końskie.

The project developed by the Consortium envisages modernization of a part of the heating and power system in Końskie in such a way that heat and electricity are supplied both by renewable sources built for the purpose of the project and those available in the local energy community. Its implementation is to ensure provision of green heat and electricity for 600 apartments, and additionally serve to activate prosumers and create a local energy market thanks to the establishment of an energy cooperative.

Within the design submitted by the Consortium it is planned to implement a number of innovative solutions on a European scale, including solutions for a seasonal heat storage, water electrolyze cell installation with green hydrogen storages, which will be used to accumulate heat and electricity produced by renewable sources. Management of this system and ensuring its stability will be carried out by the energy management platform being developed for many years by Atende Industries. The system is a BigData cloud platform that collects real-time data from metering devices and is based on artificial intelligence methods to optimize energy consumption and make decisions about energy purchase and device control.

The aim of the project is to confirm the research hypothesis about the market feasibility of a combined heat and power system capable of providing energy in at least 80% from renewable sources. It is to contribute to the dissemination of renewable energy sources in the Polish heat and power industry, air and climate protection and development of good practices enabling the implementation of investments aimed at achieving, in accordance with the assumptions of the European Green Deal, climate neutrality by 2050. The implementation is to serve as a reference installation for the energy modernization of municipalities in Poland, demonstrating the use of green hydrogen and the potential of local energy communities.

“We started our adventure with intelligent energy over 10 years ago by implementing a smart meter management system for the largest implementation in Poland realized by Energa-Operator. In recent years, we have gained real experience and developed a number of technological products for modern energy industry. One of them is cloud platform, which is to ensure the functioning of energy communities that play a very important role in the energy of the future based on distributed, green energy sources. I believe that we can make a significant contribution to the implementation of the future CHP project in Końskie,” said Paweł Pisarczyk, President of the Management Board of Atende Industries.

For thermal energy systems in cities the size of Końskie, the present day constitutes not only threats, but also opportunities. The project prepared with our partners is an attempt to use modern, intelligent technologies which, on the one hand, guarantee energy security for residents, and, on the other hand, follow very modern trends related to clean energy. And due to its size and modular character, it can be duplicated and developed,” said Tomasz Szatkowski from Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Końskie.

“The project announced by NCBiR fits perfectly into the adopted development strategy of Energoprojekt-Katowice, an important element of which is sustainable development and participation in energy investment projects aimed at achieving climate neutrality in accordance with the assumptions of the Green Deal. As a socially responsible entity, EPK sees its role as an active participant in the process of setting directions for Poland's energy transformation. Creation of a technology demonstrator which is both innovative and optimized technologically and economically, is one of the first steps to create a standard for the modernization of the Polish heat and power industry. We are convinced that the significant funds for RES investments announced under the 2020-2027 perspective will allow us to successfully duplicate the solutions developed in many combined heat and power plants in the country, making green energy available to a wide range of users." said Łukasz Grela, President of the Management Board of ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE.

Atende Industries is a Polish IT company that creates innovative technologies for industry 4.0 and the Smart Grid market. The company develops top-class innovative technological and programming solutions based on artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things and big data technology.

Energoprojekt-Katowice SA is the undisputed leader on the Polish market and one of the largest design and engineering companies in Europe with an established position in the energy sector. Thanks to many years of experience and the ongoing observation of development trends, EPK offers optimal solutions in the area of electricity and heat generation.
Optimization aimed at maximizing the economic effect of each project is based on the knowledge and technical competences of the EPK staff and an information base being updated on an ongoing basis, taking into account the latest technical solutions, the current legal situation of the energy sector and full openness to adapting solutions to the customer’s expectations. The result obtained in this way includes the improvement of conventional methods of generating electricity and heat and the design of new environmentally friendly sources.

Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej (Heat and Power Distribution Company) in Końskie was established on January 1, 1992. Its basic statutory economic activity is production, transmission and distribution of heat in the city of Konskie. The second activity is the distribution and trade of electricity for the needs of economic entities located on the premises of the former "ZM ZAMTAL" plant and for the own needs of the Heat and Power Plant.

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