Energoprojekt-Warszawa Joint Stock Company joins the EPK Group.

Energoprojekt-Katowice and Energoprojekt-Warszawa are two companies established in 1949 as Energoprojekt's offices in Warsaw. Over the years, both offices were providing services to the Polish energy sector, slightly differing in specialization. The Katowice office specialized in designing coal-fired power plants and CHP plants, while Energoprojekt in Warsaw carried out also projects for hydropower.

In 1993, the privatization of Energoprojekt in Katowice took place, and in 1994 the same took place in the office in Warsaw. Both branches became joint stock companies in which 100% of the shares belonged to their employees. Both companies operated as independent private entities, facing new rules of functioning in the new free-market reality.

In recent years, Energoprojekt-Katowice SA has expanded its activities to include projects for gas energy industry, projects related to renewable energy sources, as well as projects for other sectors of the economy. The long reference list of EPK also includes foreign projects, not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia.

Currently, EPK is building its market potential in line with the goals of Sustainable Development, being a partner for the rapid implementation of the best solutions and determining the paths to reach the target business model of its Clients, whilst being part of the energy transformation, the basis of which is the European Green Deal.

An element of the EPK strategy is development of competences in the field of engineering services and diversification of activities to other markets. Among others, the EPK Group includes the following companies: K1 Projekt, TD Energo, Środowisko Nieruchomości and Ekonomia. This group as of September 25 this year was joined also by joint stock company Energoprojekt-Warszawa. This is the first example of the integration of "Energoprojekt" companies on the Polish market. The result of this merger will be a comprehensive range of engineering services for the Polish and foreign markets.

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